Record of Agarest War In Spring 2010


Record of Agarest War has been given a vague release date of Spring 2010. I’m a little disappointed by this announcement as I was expecting this SRPG, with dating sim elements, to be available sometime in 2009. I think that would have been the case if Aksys Games didn’t decide to also bring the game out on the Xbox 360 now, the second part of the their announcement. So the PS3 version gets delayed so they can get the 360 version ready for retail. Oh, and one should also note that the 360 version will be released as a retail product while the PS3 version will only be available on the Playstation Store. I don’t really mind not being able to get the game on a disc, but I will be upset if this game costs more than $20-30. It was suppose to be a PSN release, which I would assume would come with a reduced price. Now that they are going to actually make disc of the game I could see the price going up, which is a very bad move if you ask me. This is going to be a niche game within an already limited niche. So making people wait for it even longer, which is pushing it into contention with all the other JRPG’s that will be releasing in 2010, and on top of all that a potential price increase might really hurt the game’s sales. Anyway, still looking forward to it as I’m a fan of SRPG’s.


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2 Responses to “Record of Agarest War In Spring 2010”

  1. Could 2010 Be The Year Of The JRPG For The PS3? « Araceae Says:

    […] this game was suppose to be available in 2009 but since they decided to bring it to the Xbox 360 as well it has been delayed until spring 2010. […]

  2. No Love From Aksys Games For The PS3 « Araceae Says:

    […] well. In my opinion this is a really stupid move. PS3 users were already upset with the game being delayed so they could also bring it out on the Xbox 360, the fact that they can only get a 12GB download and not a disc, but now Aksys is giving the 360 […]

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