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Backlog Barrage! Shootin’ Dudes In The Face Edition

December 19, 2010

MAG Publisher: Sony  /  Developer: Zipper
Platform: PS3 /  Genre: FPS  /  Release Date: January 26, 2010

MAG is easily my biggest surprise this generation. Until this generation, I had pretty much no interest in FPS games and even less interest in playing them online. Heck, I wasn’t even interested in MAG until the week leading up to release where I decided to pre-order this online only game at the last possible moment. I am really glad I did, as I have spent an ungodly amount of time with this tactical squad based shooter.

Yes, you are basically running around shooting people the whole time like any other shooter. However, since it is all objective based it feels totally different. People fall into roles, medics, snipers, engineers, and so on. You can mix and match these abilities, weapons, and equipment to make load-outs that suit different situations and your play style. This customization is great and being able to re-spec relatively cheaply makes it so you can always try out new gear or revise your character if you ended up not liking your build.

The main draw to MAG is the sheer number of players. It depends on the mode you are playing, but in Domination the game supports 256 players. You won’t see all of these players on screen at once, unless everyone swarms one area, but they are there and it really feels like a massive battle is taking place. Even in the smaller game modes there is a large number of players, so the game never feels empty. And like I said before, since it is objective based you are able to gain experience points by doing more than just killing enemies. Actually, healing and other objective based goals usually yield more points so it encourages players to help each other as opposed to just run off all lone wolf style.

If there was only one shooter I could have played this year, it would have been MAG. The sheer amount of players, tactical gameplay, customization, and feel of the game have made it one of my favorite games of 2010.

SCORE: 9/10


Medal of Honor Publisher: EADeveloper: Danger Close, DICE
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC /  Genre: FPS  /  Release Date: October 12, 2010

Once again I find myself scratching my head and coming to a different conclusion then most “reviewers” of a game I played. Medal of Honor got a lot of mixed reviews, and a lot of the negatives came from being compared to other games. I can see why one would compare a FPS to the other FPS’s on the market, but to mark it down for not being those games is just stupid. Let Medal of Honor be its own game. That is why it doesn’t play like the two main shooters it was compared to. It’s like they want every game to be the same. Anyway, that is a whole other topic so let me get back on topic.

Medal of Honor comes at the FPS genre in a much less arcady and more realistic direction. You can’t dual wield shotguns, you can’t really run and gun your way through a level. You are meant to be more cautious and more precise. The atmosphere of the game lends itself to this style. I’m not going to say it is actually realistic, but in comparison to the other shooters on the market it sure does feel more real. Hell, even with all the jumping around between characters I still ended up caring for them throughout their trials.

The multiplayer aspect feels a little more fast paced than the single player, but over all it isn’t your typical run and gun (unless you only play the deathmatch modes). The most popular mode, and one I played the most is Combat Mission. This is a team objective based mode. You have to defend strategic spots, or attack them. These are played on larger maps and include limited vehicles. I really enjoyed this mode in particular a lot, and the overall multiplayer experience in general. You level up one of three classes as you play (able to switch load outs and class during your re-spawn), and unlock weapons and mods as you do so. I wish there were more unlocks and more customization, but that is a minor complaint.

So despite some of the poor reviews I really hope EA plans to keep Medal of Honor heading in this direction. If they are able to work out some of the flaws I think they could make a modern FPS that can hang with the other big FPS franchises on the market right now. If you are tired of some of the other shooters I’d easily recommend getting this game.

SCORE: 8/10


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Publisher: EADeveloper: DICE
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC /  Genre: FPS  /  Release Date: March 2, 2010

I ended up getting Battlefield: Bad Company 2 much later than its initial release date, but I’m glad I finally got around to playing it. There are some noticeable changes form the first game which may change how you feel about the game overall. I personally didn’t mind the change to a more linear format in the single-player. You are not as free to pick a path in a level, but there is still a lot of room to maneuver and choose your path through the environments.

The other notable change is the interaction of the characters during the story. There is a more serious tone to this game than the previous one. It isn’t as serious as the most recent Medal of Honor game, but the characters aren’t cracking the same jokes during cut scenes as they did in the first game. They do still have their more personal and usually amusing conversations as you move through a level. The down side is that if they start talking during a firefight you may not be able to really hear them with all the gun fire, explosions, and crumbling buildings. Which is a shame as I really enjoyed the joking conversations these characters had. It’s still there, but you have to pay attention to catch most of them.

Even with these changes the single-player is still a lot of fun, but that will only last you several hours. After that, you’ll want to turn your attention to the multiplayer. Here you can spend a ton of time ranking up your different classes and unlocking a ton of gear. I was once again drawn into the more team oriented multiplayer modes. Which have you either attacking or defending positions.

If you play FPS’s you’ll feel right at home, but the destructible buildings really change up how you approach taking or defending a position. This along with the different classes and characters found in the single-player are what makes it feel different from the other major FPS on the market. Which is a very good thing in my opinion.

SCORE: 8/10


Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

October 11, 2010

Let me start off by saying I wasn’t really sure that the Dead Space franchise needed multiplayer. Every time I hear of a great single player game getting multiplayer added to it my gut reaction is to become hesitant about it and ponder on how it could impact the single player portion of the game. It’s not that I hate multiplayer, in fact I have been playing a lot of multiplayer this console generation. However I still care more about the single player aspects of games, where characters and story are the driving force of the game. So with some trepidation I dove into the multiplayer beta.

Before I get into details of the beta, let me digress for a second and thank the always gracious Mikey of Whom I was lucky enough to get a Dead Space 2 beta code from.

Let me start of with the technical aspects of the Dead Space 2 multiplayer beta. I haven’t had any technical problems with it. The frame-rate is always smooth, the graphics are good, sound design is still excellent, and the controls are solid. So from that standpoint it seems Visceral Games is doing a very good job with their first attempt at adding competitive multiplayer to the Dead Space franchise. With that all said, lets talk about the actual gameplay. You know, what really makes or breaks any well made game.

You get to play as either a human, which are a security force and have all the powers you have in the single player aspect of the game, or the grotesque necromorphs. Both play and feel completely different, as they should. Especially since they have different objects. When playing as the humans you are tasked with collecting parts to bring back to central location to assemble something (in this case making a bomb). When you are the necromorphs, you simply want to kill the humans and stop them from completing their objects.

The human characters play and feel just like Issac from the original Dead Space. You start off with the plasma cutter and a pulse rifle. These two weapons are very useful, and you can take down any of the necromorphs using them. However, you don’t have unlimited ammo or depots to refill your ammo. You need to pick up ammo from dead enemies. You also have the stasis ability that you should be familiar with if you played the first game. Much like the limited ammo, this ability is very limited. You only get to use it once per spawn, unless you get a pick up from a fallen necromorph. If they didn’t limited these things the game would be very imbalanced. The four human players would easily be able to take out the four necromorph players and other AI enemies. However, because you can’t just spam stasis or unload clip after clip into the enemies you need to be more precise and strategic.

You will want to shoot off limbs of the necromorphs to take them down faster, or slow them down. It also seems that the different baddies are weak against different weapons, so you’ll also want to experiment with that as well. Instead of having to firing a lot of shots, maybe instead one or two well placed shots from a different weapon will take down the necromorph much faster. I really like that they included this aspect in the multiplayer. If you don’t panic when you get rushed you should be able to fend off most attacking hordes of necromorphs. Especially if you use your stasis as an effective means to control larger numbers of enemies.

Another aspect of this multiplayer that I enjoy is that it forces you to work together in order to complete your objectives, which isn’t just kill the most monsters as possible. There may be some kind of deathmatch, but in the beta that mode isn’t present. Yes, killing more necromorphs nets you more points to level up but you would get even more points from completing objectives. this should keep most players focused, but you never know when it comes to online multiplayer.

I had some worries about playing as the necromorphs. Mainly because an individual creature doesn’t really stand a chance against one of the security officers. They just aren’t powerful enough and don’t have as much life. Thankfully, the respawn is very quick in Dead Space 2 and what is even better is that you get to choose where you spawn from. This allows you to spawn close to the action and even to plan a sneak attack by spawning just ahead of or just behind the human players.

Another factor that evens the the odds for the necromorphs is that there are always other non-player controlled necromorphs populating the map. They might not be the smartest teammates, but their numbers sure do help. They create more targets for the officers to worry about and can help weaken the human players.

The necromorphs are also given two abilities that greatly aid them. First off you are able to see the vascular system of the human officers through walls. This allows you to be strategic about your attacks and get the jump on your enemies. Speaking of which, the other ability is that you are able to leap onto or latch onto human players as necromorphs. If you win the quick time event, for lack of a better term, you will perform a brutal execution on the player. This allow you to take down a much stronger opponent all by yourself if you are quick enough.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Dead Space 2 multiplayer beta. It plays great, and still feels like Dead Space. There is still that sense of tension and stress present in the single player portion of Dead Space. It also seems to be pretty balanced in its current state. If they release enough maps and modes, and have a deep enough progression system it should make for a very fun and unique multiplayer in addition to what should be a great single-player game.

New Medal of Honor Multiplayer Trailer

September 9, 2010

Earlier today EA posted a new Medal of Honor multiplayer trailer on the PlayStation Blog (seen above) for a mode called Combat Mission. I’m not going to analyze the details of the trailer, as I mainly just wanted to post the trailer and my response to it since it has me rather excited about the online portion of Medal of Honor. This is because the mode shown in the trailer is objective based and requires teamwork. Variations on deathmatch are fun and all, but having actual objectives besides “kill x amount of dudes” makes for a much more engaging game in my opinion. Thankfully I won’t have to wait too long before I can play this mode, and other portions of Medal of Honor, as it comes out on October 12, 2010.

Dead Space 2 First Multiplayer Info

September 5, 2010

Sometime this month we are suppose to get an official announcement of Dead Space 2’s multiplayer, but it seems as with most things in this industry it may have already been partially leaked.

At the annual GameStop conference EA gave up the first details of the multiplayer. One of the multiplayer modes featured in Dead Space 2 will be soldiers versus necromorphs. I’m not too sure how this mode will work out, seeing as the standard necromorphs don’t stand up too well against Issac in single player. However if they are able to balance it correctly and allow for the necromorphs to move more stealthily about the level via ducts or other pathways only accessible for them it could get rather interesting.

Along with this tidbit of multiplayer info, some pre-order news came out of the conference as well. If you pre-order at GameStop you will get a free Rivet Gun. I’m not sure if this is for the multiplayer, but it is probably more likely for the single player portion of the game. Also, no matter where you pre-order Dead Space 2 it seems you will be get the downloadable prequel Dead Space: Ignition for free! This is very good news, as I was worried they were going to over charge for it.

Hopefully EA will make their official announcement soon and we will get some footage of the multiplayer aspects of Dead Space 2. I didn’t think they needed to add multiplayer, but I will wait and see how it turns out before passing judgment as I was wrong about Uncharted getting multiplayer.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

Dead Space 2 Prequel Announced

July 18, 2010

EA has announced a downloadable prequel to Dead Space 2, called Dead Space Ignition. This extension of Dead Space 2 will be a mix of motion comic and game. Which sounds like an interesting tie-in for a franchise I am a huge fan of.

In the lead up to the original Dead Space EA released a serious of very well done motion comics on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. An example of these (episode zero) is at the top of this post. I really enjoyed these comics, as they added to the story and mythos of the Dead Space fiction. Which is actually very interesting, especially for a game. It isn’t just about shooting necromorphs, although that is still a lot of fun. The same author will be returning to work on Ignition.

It sounds like it will mostly be a choose your own adventure style game, but will have some hacking mini-games mixed in. I doubt we’ll be playing as Isaac, or following him in Ignition. Most likely we will be following a person or people that live on the Sprawl, the giant space station that is the setting for Dead Space 2. Hopefully it will give us information about how the necromorphs got there, and give us even more insight into the twisted religion know as Unitology which is a very important part of the world of Dead Space.

EA hasn’t given us a price, but I’m hoping it is very reasonable considering it is mostly a promotional game and to be honest I’m not too sure how much actual game will be in it. Also, the comics for the first game were free. Ignition will actually give you in-game items and even an exclusive suit. Dead Space Ignition will release sometime in the fall of 2010, which should leave you enough time to see all four endings and get ready for Dead Space 2 which releases on January 25, 2011.

Dead Space 2 E3 Footage & PS3 Exclusive Content

July 10, 2010

At E3 this year, EA didn’t disappoint me and many other gamers as well with their footage of Dead Space 2. They showed off two impressive demos, one of which is was shown off during Sony’s E3 press event since there was a special Sony exclusive announcement. I’ll get to that later on, but lets first talk about the trailers (seen above).

First off you’ll notice that Dead Space 2 is looking great and still has an amazing atmosphere like the first game. Necromorphs are still looking exceptionally nasty and being creepy as ever. Jumping out of grates, busting through walls, and coming out of the shadows in an all out effort to kill you.

The trailers show off several new necromorphs, some of which we’ve seen in screens before. We finally got to see the small child-like necromorphs that will swarm you since they travel in packs. It looks like you’ll have to use your stasis ability for crowd control against these guys or you’ll b quickly overwhelmed. In the trailers we also got to see some returning necromorphs and two new rather large ones as well. The first large one attacks Isaac, the main character of Dead Space 2, in a church of Unitology and starts to drag him away. Like in the first game, you’ll have to shoot some weak spots to make it drop you and retreat. If you’ve played the first game, you’ll know how stressful this can be. As you can’t easily shoot and aim while you are being dragged or held upside down. It really makes you feel the desperation of the situation.

The second even larger necromorph is in the second trailer. It is much more aggressive and brutish than the one in the church. It is going all out to kill you. It destroys the area you are in and forces Isaac to run for his life. In doing so you enter a chase scene, where you have to use your stasis ability to open doors in front of you.

This chase leads you to a more open room with a view of the sprawl, which is immediately obstructed by some type of ship that is firing on you from outside. The rain of bullets break the windows, which in turn breaks the seal of the room you are in. This causes everything to be sucked out the window. Isaac struggles to not get sucked out, but the large necromorph that was chasing you comes into the room and is pulled out into space, bringing Isaac with it. The demo shortly ends after this, with Isaac fighting the large necromorph in Zero G. It was very action packed and frantic.

All of this just looks amazing. It looks like Visceral Games is keeping all the good stuff that made the original Dead Space so great while adding enough to make it a worthy sequel. You won’t be only in hallways, as you are not stuck to a space ship this time. Instead you are on a colony, known as the Sprawl. Besides the much larger world, there will be some new guns in Dead Space 2. The one shown in the first trailer is a javelin gun, which pins enemies against objects and walls… Always fun.

Visceral also mentioned that there will be a much stronger emphasis on the Unitologists actions, plan, and religion in this game. Which brings up something else very interesting in these trailers. That ship that is firing on you must be operated by humans. So this means there will be human enemies as well as necromorphs in Dead Space 2. I’m guessing these will be tied to the church of Unitology, seeing how they believe the necromorphs are a good thing and Isaac is trying to exterminate them.

Oh, and don’t forget about that Sony exclusive announcement. After the demo at Sony’s conference EA announced that Dead Space Extraction will be coming out with Dead Space 2 for the PS3 in a limited edition of the game. It will be on the single blu-ray disc, and free. Meaning the limited edition will be your standard $60, but you’ll be getting two games for that price. It will be an HD port, with trophy support, of the previously Wii exclusive game. I know this might not be the biggest announcement ever, but it was a big deal to me. I’ve always wanted to play Extraction, but never got around to it. I didn’t have  a Wii when it came out, and then decided to hold out once rumors of it making its way to the PS3 starting to surface. So I’m glad I waited it out, as I will get it in HD, with trophies, and for free! It will be a PS3 exclusive for now, but I’m sure it will turn up on both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace for a price.

Dead Space 2 was one of my favorite games at E3. I loved the first one, and I think it is a great universe. One that I have been looking forward to jumping back into it. Dead Space 2 will release on January 25, 201, so I’ll have to wait a bit. I think I am willing to do so, so they can polish what could be a game of the year contender for 2011.

Dead Space 2 Gameplay Trailer

June 12, 2010

If you don’t know by now, I am a huge fan of the first Dead Space and I’m very excited about the upcoming sequel. Last night a new trailer was released on Game Trailers (seen above). It is just a gameplay trailer, but that is what I really wanted to see from this game. There was talk about making the sequel more Call of Duty  like or action oriented, and as a fan of the first game this was kind of off putting. However, this trailer shows that same great dismemberment gameplay and dark environments that made the first game so great. You’ll still have necromorphs jumping out at you trying to consume you. Besides that, you’ll also notice the new suit at work in some new Zero-G gameplay. Isaac Clarke, the main character from the first game, is able to fly around in Zero-G, not just jump from surface to surface . This could lead to some very interesting levels to break up the small corridors and rooms that you will most likely spend a lot of time in. Sadly, Dead Space 2 is still a ways off but I really can’t wait to see more about it.

Dragon Age: Origins Review

April 20, 2010

Dragon Age: OriginsPublisher: Electronic Arts Developer: BioWare /  Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC  /  Genre: RPG  /  Release Date: November 3, 2009

I picked up Dragon Age: Origins because I am a huge fan of role-playing games (RPG), enjoy fantasy settings, and got slightly caught up in the hype. Was it a worth all the time I spent killing darkspawn and trying to get busy with all the characters? Well… Yes, but it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


It is kind of hard to describe the story of Dragon Age: Origins, and that is due to the way BioWare typically makes an RPG. They like to focus on choice and branching stories. This entails lots of choices made by the player, including the origin of your character, which will change the story accordingly. You can play as elves (city or wilderness), dwarves (noble or classless), mage, or a human noble. This will determine how you are lead into the core story of the game. Once you reach that point the story will basically become similar, but NPC’s will react to you according to whom you are and what you’ve done. There are also a ton of side quests, so this can drastically change many aspects of the story you craft through your decisions and actions.

The main story is a pretty typical fantasy tale. Evil is gathering, in the form of an Archdemon and the darkspawn that serve it, and only you can lead the people against the horde and slay the Archdemon. The reason you are one of the few that can actually take down the Archdemon is because you become what is known as a Grey Warden. Grey Wardens are an elite group of warriors and mages that are dedicated to destroying the Darkspawn. Needless to say, things don’t go as planned and you become the only one capable of stamping out the growing threat of the darkspawn.

Does this all sound a little familiar? Well it should, as it is pretty much your typical RPG story. Which I found very disappointing as everyone seems to talk so highly of BioWare games for their stories and why they are told. I didn’t find anything too appealing about the story in this game, or the WRPG tropes. In fact I became pretty bored with the story before the half way mark. You knew what was going on, and where it was going.

There are some small side quests and conversations that will lead to interesting outcomes, but they are all ancillary to the main story. You’ll have to make moral choices, get involved in relationships with your party members, and deal with political issues. Sadly a lot of these things ended up feeling like filler to me.

However, I do think if you were to go back and play the game through several times you would get a better feel for the history and depth of the world of Dragon Age. When I played through the other origin stories it was interesting to see some of the backstory for characters I encountered in my main game. It really fleshed out who they were, and why I was able to have an in-depth or meaningful conversation with them. Sadly, I don’t think this is to the benefit of the game. If I have to spend 100’s of hours playing the game to actually become interested in the story then your game has a problem. If you play through the game only once you will probably feel like the world and story of Dragon Age: Origins is very generic and pretty average.


Dragon Age: Origins plays like a fairly traditional WRPG for the PC. You control a party of up to four characters and enter dungeons where you move around in real time and engage free roaming enemies when you encounter them. It isn’t an open word game, but you can move through the different areas however you see fit. You can fully explore them or just try to move towards your goal as fast as possible.

When you engage enemies you will select them and attack them. You can then use different skills that are mapped to the face buttons. You can also pull up a series of wheels that has all of your skills, magic, abilities, and items on them. This can become rather annoying in the thick of battle. It becomes unwieldy and just feels like a comprise made in order to bring the game to consoles. Because of this system, I found myself pretty much only using the skills and abilities I could map to the face buttons. This in turn made most battles feel the same. Also, you’ll encounter the same types of enemies over and over again. There is very little variation in the enemies found in Dragon Age: Origins. I found this to make the encounters pretty boring. Enter a room, kill some darkspawn, move to next room, kill more darkspawn and a skeleton. Yeah, it pretty much goes like that for most of the game. If this wasn’t an RPG I could be more forgiving of the lack of enemy variation, but it just seems lazy and doesn’t add any depth to the world they created.

Besides the droves of darkspawn you will fight, you will also encounter a few boss fights. These are more interesting then fighting the normal enemies, but they are so few and far between that it didn’t really do too much for me. I’d also like to note how few dragons are in the game. You’d think with a name like Dragon Age you’d have the option to encounter numerous dragons, but that isn’t the case.

You will obtain quests by checking mission boards and by talking to people. Basically your normal RPG mechanics at work. There are some missions that are about collecting, finding, killing, or solving other peoples problems (lost daughters, evil mages, family feuds, and so on). The missions can be fairly short, or if you have to go through a whole dungeon you can expect to spend a very long time completing them. I have no real problems with the missions, but for everyone that belabors the tropes of JRPG’s I could easily apply the same standards to Dragon Age: Origins. They don’t do anything out of the ordinary  These missions are fairly standard, with a few exceptions like a certain mission that leads you into another realm.

To start these missions you will have to access different areas on a world map. You don’t actually move between the dungeons or towns in real time. You select your destination on the map and watch a line march towards it. During this time you may have random encounters. You could find yourself fighting off darkspawn, wolves, saving citizens, or even meeting traveling merchants. It is nice to be able to gain some more experience by engaging in these encounters, as otherwise you aren’t going to find many opportunities to do so. I found this to be slightly disappointing.

I like to level up my characters, get new skills, and allow for my characters to use higher tier equipment. Dragon Age doesn’t really lend itself to any grinding. I guess that is more inline with WRPG’s, but I still prefer to grow my characters and I didn’t feel like I could fully do that in this game. I was still able to access new skills, and improve ones I already had. However, it just never really came together for me. Maybe that is my fault, but it never coalesced like it has for me with many other RPG’s.


I was really hoping Dragon Age: Origins would surprise me with something beyond a typical fantasy story, but it didn’t. I found myself moving through it just to get to the end. The conversations would become too drawn out, and how you interact with your party members also just felt contrived. You could easily say or do something small that could potentially make you lose a character for the rest of the game. It just seems unrealistic and forced for the most part. This isn’t always the case, as most times you can easily buy back their favor by giving them gifts. So I guess if you ever piss anyone off just buy them lots of stuff and they will fall back in love with you.

When the story failed me I was hoping the gameplay would carry me through. Well, that fell short as well. It isn’t broken, and can become pretty fun. But it always feels like it would be a lot better with a keyboard or some other system that would allow you to more easily access all your skills. Maybe something similar to the 3 tier system found in White Knight Chronicles would work better. It makes it much easier to quickly select what you want. In fact, I bet a lot of PC players ended up pausing the game often and giving orders. Although, with the PC version you have a bunch of hotkeys so you can easily select stuff. With the console version, I felt like I had to babysit the character I was controlling so I couldn’t give my other party members orders.

There is a system in place, similar to the gambit system in Final Fantasy XII, that allows you to guide the AI of your party members but I often found them not doing what they were suppose to. For example, they would often die because they wouldn’t heal each other or themselves when I had preset their actions to do so. So I would just have to hope I would always survive the battle and then heal up after. Or I’d have to quickly cycle through my characters, take control of them, and then make them heal themselves. It all just becomes very tedious.

I also feel like I have to talk about some technical issues I have with the game. This is easily one of the worst looking games I’ve played on the PS3. The textures are flat, muddy, and just very poor. The characters just look bad. Which is in part due to the bad textures, average animations, and also a lack luster art direction. The art direction just feels pretty standard for a fantasy game. Even with the low quality graphics the game still has a ton of loading times (every time you enter a building, different parts of buildings, and so on), some framerate problems, and also texture pop-in. I was surprised at how bad this game looks. I don’t expect, or demand, that every game be at the same level of Uncharted 2, but I do expect them to look significantly better than some of the later PS2 games and launch PS3 titles. Every time there is a close up, like during the thousands of conversations you’ll have, I just found myself being repulsed by the looks of the game.

In the end, Dragon Age: Origins just feels very average. Nothing stands out to me or makes this game noteworthy. There is a lot of game there, so if you are really into BioWare games or fantasy games it is worth checking out. However, I’d suggest getting it on the PC instead of a console. This isn’t only due to the graphics, but also due to the gameplay. From top to bottom the game feels like a PC game, and feels like it struggles to play well on a console.

SCORE: 6/10

The Top 10 PS3 and PSP Games I’m Looking Forward To In 2010

February 2, 2010

3D Dot Heroes Games

I have always been a sucker for great art direction and charm, both of which this game seems to have. Simply put, this homage to Zelda just looks like a lot of fun to play. I love the whole idea of taking an 8 or 16 bit game and making it 3D. Hell, that is at the heart of the story of this game so you know it is going to be quirky and  humorous.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

I don’t know too much about this game, but it has gotten my attention. First off, it looks really good graphically and from an art direction standpoint. It also seems to have well done voice work, a dark and interesting atmosphere/setting, and solid sound design. Gameplay wise it similar to a lot of other third-person action games, which might be a bad thing since there are already a bunch of those games coming out this year. However, there is enough here to get me interested (especially since Kojima is associated with the game) and set it apart just enough to make me really want to know more about the game.

Final Fantasy XIII

The Final Fantasy series has always been one of my favorite gaming franchises. So it is no surprised that the latest installment would make my most anticipated list of 2010. However, unlike almost all the other FF games FFXIII isn’t my most anticipated game this year. I still have my concerns that the game won’t live up to my expectations, but I do think it will be a quality game that I will end up really enjoying.

God of War 3

For the most part the first two games are considered to be at the top of the third-person action genre. So why would the third and final installment of this epic series be any different? From the trailers, new screenshots, and the demo one can easily tell this is going to a very slick game. It will not only look incredible, but play just as good. I can’t wait to see how the trilogy ends.

Heavy Rain

It is kind of hard to explain this game, or even why I’m so interested in it. I guess the main draw is that it is something very different than most of the games available now. It is going to be a game focused on story, which really appeals to me. On top of that it is going to be a more mature game. Heavy Rain is being described as a physiological thriller, and I really hope it lives up to this description.

The Last Guardian

Here is another game that I have trouble explaining the appeal of to other people. If you have seen the trailer then you should know why I am really looking forward to this game. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and I’m not just talking about the graphics or art direction (although, both of those are top notch as well). Once again it seems Team Ico have crafted a unique, inspiring, and emotional world. You can’t help but get drawn into the world presented in the trailer. I can’t wait to experience this game, but I sure hope neither the creature or the boy end up dying in the end.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Do I really need to say anything more than it is a MGS game that Kojima is directly, and heavily, involved in. Hell, just recently he said that Peace Walker would have been MGS5 if it was on a console and not the PSP. It looks great for a PSP game, and seems to have updated the controls from the previous PSP game MGS: Portable Ops.

Read Dead Redemption

If you’ve been reading my other posts you knew this game was going to be on the list. Even with all the JRPG’s, my favorite genre, coming out in 2010 Red Dead Redemption has a firm grasp on my gaming interests. It is one of those games that I wasn’t sure about, but as more info and video has been released I find my self being incredibly psyched about this game.

Valkyria Chronicles 2

The original Valkyria Chronicles is not only one of my favorite PS3 games, but it is one of my favorite games of all time. I loved everything about it. One of those games that I will always want to go back and play again once every once and awhile. So when they announced Valkyria Chronicles 2 I was super excited. However, like most of the fans of the first game I was very disappointed to see that it was for the PSP instead of the PS3. It will always feel like it could have been better, but from what I’ve seen so far the sequel looks like it is shaping up to be a great game. It has the potential to be one of the few PSP games that will keep me off of my PS3 for a good amount of time.

White Knight Chronicles

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this game for so freaking long. I love most of Level-5’s games, so when they announced a new JRPG for the PS3 I was immediately on board. Besides having a deep single player campaign, WKC also has a MMO-like online multiplayer. Thankfully this game will be coming out this week so I won’t have to wait much longer.

Honorable Mention

Dead Space 2 – Not sure if this is even coming out in 2010, which is why it is not in the top 10. If it turns out to be coming out this year then I’ll have to adjust my list. I loved Dead Space so I can’t wait to get back to killing necromorphs.

Final Fantasy XIV – I’ve never played any MMO’s, mainly because I don’t game on a gaming PC and I also don’t like the idea of monthly fees. I almost took the plunge with FFXI, but didn’t feel like dealing with all the extra crap you had to do to get it up and running on the PS2. Now that the PS3 has a harddrive and wifi, all I have to come to terms with is paying to play. If enough of my friends get into this game then  I am sure I’ll end up getting into it.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII – To be honest, I am much more excited about this game than FFXIII. However, since we don’t know when this will come out I am dropping it out of my list. Hopefully this game will end up as good as the trailers look. The characters and setting is just more appealing than FFXIII.

Metal Gear Solid Rising – Another game with no real release date, but I am interested in seeing what they do with this game. Raiden in MGS4 was pretty freaking awesome, so basing a whole game around him sounds like a great idea. However, since it won’t be using the same engine as MGS4, will be multi-platform, and Kojima isn’t heavily involved I have my doubts that it will live up to my high expectations.

Classic Dungeon: Magic Team Assistance – Not sure when we will see this in North America, but as soon as NISA makes it available for pre-order I will be putting out the cash for it. There isn’t a ton known about the game, but what I do know is that I’m interested in everything I do know about the game. Plus, the game gives me the same vibe that other NIS titles and Half-Minute Hero did.

New Dead Space 2 Screenshots

January 6, 2010



Recently EA released several new screenshots of Dead Space 2, and it is looking great so far. They feature a slimmed down Isaac Clarke, a bunch of necromorphs, and some of the locations you will visit in Dead Space 2. Isaac’s slimed down suit looks a lot more agile than his previous suits in Dead Space. Maybe this is suppose to compliment the new direction on the sequel. Supposedly Isaac is actually looking to take the fight to the necromorphs this time, so the suit could be more than just an engineer’s rig like last time. However, like the last game he is still using the oh so enjoyable and effective Plasma Cutter from the first game. They could be showing off this weapon since it is familiar and they might want to keep more of the new weapons secret until much closer to the games release date. Doesn’t really matter, as the Plasma Cutter was a great weapon and once you upgraded it was perfectly suited at dissecting necromorphs. Speaking of necromorphs, the new screens show off more of the creepy child like necromorphs, some returning necromorphs, and what appears to be a rather large new type of necromorph. You know it is going to take a fair amount of well placed shots to take those guys down. From the screens it looks like Dead Space 2 is shaping up to be a worthy sequel to its predecessor.





Source: Terminal Gamer