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Backlog Barrage! Lets Do A Little Role Playing

March 18, 2011

White Knight Chronicles Publisher: SonyDeveloper: Level-5
Platform: PS3  /  Genre: JRPG  /  Release Date: February 2, 2010

White Knight Chronicles (WKC) wasn’t what most expected, or maybe even wanted from Level-5’s first PS3 JRPG. However, I think it was overly criticized and was overall a good title.

Sure the story didn’t pick up till the end, but seeing as the game is just the first in a planned trilogy I can be a little forgiving of that. I think most of the characters weren’t deep enough, and they didn’t grow with the story. This is probably why most people decided to harp on the standard save the princess story. Even if similar tropes are the basis of many other games, which are generally given a pass.

As for the actual gameplay, it plays much like a simplified MMO. You key up actions (spells, attacks, items, etc) and use them when your gauge fills. You are able to stack abilities and actions to create your own combos. During these you will have to complete timed button presses to keep the combo going. It might not be my favorite combat system, but it worked rather well for what they wanted to do.

Besides creating your own combos there is also a very exhaustive crafting system in WKC. You can create a plethora of gear and items. You can also upgrade these. But more unique to WKC is the Georama system, where each player gets to create their own home space. These spaces can be filled with buildings, crops, mineral deposits, shops, filled with workers, and so on. It is a huge addition to the game, and can be fairly addictive. My main complaint would be the amount of time required to grind your way through most of the crafting and Georama systems. I think it would’ve been much better if it were easier to obtain weapons, armor, or new furnishings for your Georama. Instead I eventually succumbed to the realization that the game demanded way too much of my time to really progress. Instead of pushing forward, it made me want to take WKC out of my PS3 and move on to another game.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I really enjoyed WKC. There is a fun and uniquely deep base here that I hope Level-5 can build on for the sequel. The Georama and online aspects added a lot to the game. In fact, if WKC lacked these components I would have scored it lower. Hopefully we will see some needed tweaks in the upcoming sequel.

SCORE: 7/10


Final Fantasy XIII Publisher: Square EnixDeveloper: Square Enix
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360  /  Genre: JRPG  /  Release Date: March 9, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII (FFXIII) is yet another game that I struggled with assigning a score to. If I look at piecemeal it seems like a great game, but when it is all put together I feel like it falls short.

Overall the graphics are very good. During battles the spell and combat effects look really good. For the most part, the character models looks really good. However, whenever there is a close up you can see where they cut some corners. I count myself among the crowd that thinks the game suffered from becoming multiplatform. There are a lot of low resolution textures, and even the way the game is designed feels like it was compromised to work with the 360’s DVD limitations.

Which brings me to the worse part of this game. It is incredibly linear. You are forced to run down one long corridor after another. It is designed like a shooter. However that style of game design only works for fast paced action games or shooters. Where you are constantly fighting enemies in real time and are usually met with dramatic set-pieces. In FFXIII you run down mostly empty  and confined pathways. You engage enemies, and are then warped into a battle mode. After defeating the enemies you are warped back to the map. This is standard for a lot of RPGs, but the fact that there are no side-quests until much later in the game (waits until the second disc for the 360… convenient?) makes most of the game feel like one long corridor. If this was more of an action-RPG, this may have worked better. Or maybe even if it was a shorter game, as it really drags at times.

The battle system is more about managing your roles (think job classes) than actually controlling any one character. It is fast paced and flashy, but most of the time ends up feeling like I was just pressing “x” to win. You do need to juggle your roles a lot more later on in the game, but I still think it was lacking.

The characters are decent, and the story is good. Both of which are very important when it comes to RPG’s, especially when they are fairly long. They both had me interested enough to make me want to complete the game. Even after I became bored of the combat or fatigued by the seemingly endless amount of linear maps.

There were times when I completely loved FFXIII, but they a minute later I would be met by something that made me loathe it. It feels like the game could have been something much better and has left me wanting. If it hadn’t been so linear and felt like it was artificially extended just to make it seem like a longer game (which fans of the serious usually expect), I think it would have been a better game. Maybe we will see some serious revisions in the sequel, FFXIII-2.

SCORE: 8/10


Fallout: New Vegas Publisher: BethesdaDeveloper: Obsidian
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC  /  Genre: WRPG  /  Release Date: October 21, 2010

Where do I begin… Fallout: New Vegas had a lot to prove to me after playing Fallout 3. I could tell there was an idea of a good game in both of these games, but I was also horribly burned by maybe the worst high-profile game engine in the industry. The bug ridden, low performance, and flat out broken Gamebryo engine. It was completely frustrating in Fallout 3 and when I heard they were still using that engine for New Vegas my heart sunk. I was really hoping they’d do the right thing and release an actually functional game. Turns out, they may have released an even more broken game than Fallout 3.

I know, why am I focusing on the engine and not the game so far in this review? Well, that’s because you have to be able to totally look past the massive amount of problems the engine contributes to the game in-order to find anything redeeming about New Vegas. There are the small issues, like poor lip-synching, late loading textures, and clipping. These are generally forgivable in an open world game if they aren’t too frequent. That is not the case with New Vegas. I would enter buildings or areas to be met with large portions (sometimes whole buildings, the ground, etc) of the world not being textured. It abruptly reminds you that you’re playing a game, and a poorly made on at that.

Then there are the larger problems. Hell, you can’t even run in the game without dropping frames like a tree drops leaves in the fall. I would have to stop moving so the game wouldn’t freeze on me. Even trying to move around the world cautiously to avoid these problems it would still regularly freeze on me (even after the patches that supposedly fixed that problem). Then you have broken missions, characters getting stuck inside each other, or maybe even you getting stuck in the worlds geometry. It’s like the real enemy of the game is the Gamebryo engine… and it usually wins.

As for the actual game, it’s ok. I enjoyed the setting and story more than I did in Fallout 3. Roaming the wastelands going where you please is still immensely gratifying. This is why you play these games. FInding new areas, new enemies, and new stories hidden away in documents, new NPC’s, or computers you get to hack. All of this is satisfying, and what I want out of a new Fallout game.

It is such a shame that a good game was ruined for me due to all the technical problems.  I really wanted to be able to look past this, but since the game wants to constantly remind that it can’t run properly I can’t. Maybe the game just wants you to take a break, for your health, so it freezes which then requires you to get up and shut down your PS3. Or maybe it is time to kill off the Gamebryo engine and move on to a new one (which I believe they are with their next game). If you are able to stomach all the technical problems (a.k.a. a broken game) there is a fun game to be found in there.

SCORE: 4/10


The Last Story Trailer

July 10, 2010

Mistwalker has released the first trailer for their upcoming Wii exclusive action RPG The Last Story. It was announced early this year, with only a logo and then eventually some screens emerged in an issue of Famitsu. Besides that, not much else is really know about the title which is why this trailer (seen above) is very interesting.

If you know Japanese you may be able to glean some info about the story of the game from the new trailer. Sadly, I don’t. So sadly I can’t get any story or character info from the trailer. I can however take note of what seems to be an interesting gameplay system.

It appears that The Last Story will have an nice mix of combat styles. In the trailer you will notice what seems to be very familiar third-person action combat found in many action games and some action RPG’s. However, you will also notice that the game features some sort of cover mechanic and the ability to interact with objects in the world. You’ll notice the characters taking cover while projectiles are fired at them, and then even returning fire as one character leans out and takes a shot at an enemy with a crossbow. I wasn’t expecting this, and could make the game feel very different from other JRPG’s. You will also notice what seems to be a targeting system and what looks like some sort of special attacks, which for some reason reminded me of the combat found in White Knight Chronicles.

Overall it looks like The Last Story may be much more interesting than I originally expected. If all these different combat styles come together it could make for a very fun and interesting system. It is slated for an 2010 release in Japan and we should be getting word on a North America release date in the not so distant future.

New PS3 Ninokuni Trailer

July 7, 2010

Level-5 has officially announced that Ninokuni is coming to the PS3. They also released a new trailer (seen above) to show off the PS3 version of the game. As I posted before, the announcement was leaked in a recent issue of Famitus so this shouldn’t be a big surprise. Even if it isn’t a surprise, it is still very exciting. Especially when you see the new trailer as it looks gorgeous. Level-5 has done a great job of faithfully bringing Studio Ghibili’s animation over to game form. It looks really impressive, and makes me wish more games would go for a more animated look instead of trying to always strive for realism.

The trailer shows towns and what appears to be an open world, or at least a large map where you can run into free roaming monsters. When you get into battle, it looks like you’ll be summoning monsters to fight for you as well as casting spells. You’ll also notice that the PS3 trailer doesn’t have any of the drawing mechanic shown in the Nintendo DS trailer (seen here). This could have just not been shown, or they could be changing the game to fit better with the PS3’s controllers.

Whatever Level-5 decides to do I am really looking forward to this game. It has a vague release date of 2011 as of right now, but hopefully we’ll get more information at this year’s Tokyo Game Show in September.

New White Knight Chronicles 2 Trailer

May 28, 2010

A new trailer for White Knight Chronicles 2 has been released (seen above). In it you will see the returning characters from the first game, some of the new environments, hints of how the story will progress, and the other legendary Knights. If you finished the first game you will most likely get pretty excited from this trailer. Mainly because it starts to put together some of the plot points that were left open in WKC. For me the most interesting thing that was stressed early in the game, but pretty much abandoned after you start on your quest to save the princess, was the political importance of the events early in the game. I always wanted to know what were the repercussions of those events (yes, I’m being vague to avoid spoilers). It looks like WKC2 will start off better than WKC and should be more action packed. WKC2 will be released in Japan in July, but there is no release date for North America yet. Hopefully they wont take nearly as long to bring WKC2 over as they took with the first one.

NIS America Announces Trinity Universe For North America and Europe

March 23, 2010

Today NIS America (NISA) announced that they will be bringing their JRPG Trinity Universe to both North America and Europe sometime in June for the PS3.

Trinity Universe is a collaboration between NIS, Gust, and Idea Factory. It will feature characters from several series, such as the Atelier and Disgaea franchises. Probably most notable are the inclusion of both Etna and Prinny from Disgaea. This will be the first time they are playable in a full 3D form, which is probably big news and a big draw to fans of the series.

The story of Trinity Universe surrounds two main characters, Kanata and Rizerial. Kanata is aligned with the demons of the Netheruniverse. His ancestors have always protected the Netheruniverse by transforming into Demon God Gems. However, Katana doesn’t follow this tradition. Instead he becomes the Demon Dog King, so that he can continue living his life. This means that the Netheruniverse isn’t protected from space debris that threatens it. Because of this he sets out to find out the source and cause of the space debris. Thinking if he can solve that puzzle he can save his world and not have to transform into a Demon God Gem.

Rizelea is a Valkyrie, and is aligned with the goddesses. She is tasked with maintaining the galaxy’s peace and harmony. Rizelea has lived for hundreds of years. One day she decides to go to the Netheruniverse in order to bring peace and harmony there. When she gets there she learns that the Netheruniverse is always in danger from space debris. Rizelea decides to look into this problem further. Thus setting out on her own journey to find the the source of the space debris.

Seeing as both characters are working to solve the same problem so I’m sure they’ll eventually cross paths. I don’t know how you’ll play through the game, choosing which main character you want to play as at the start or playing both in portions (switching back and forth). I guess it doesn’t matter, as I’m just happy to hear they are bringing it over to North America.

Now that is is officially announced I hope will we learn more about the story and the world of Trinity Universe. Also, now I have a JRPG to look forward to later in the usually dry summer gaming months.

New White Knight Chronicles Quests For Free

March 11, 2010

This week Sony announced that White Knight Chronicles (WKC) will be getting new online quests starting tonight (March 11th) up until the end of June. What is even more exciting than receiving new content for a very good game, is that it will all be free. Yes, free! That is a great move by Sony. It should keep people interested in WKC even with the recent release of Final Fantasy XIII (FFXIII).

There is a small catch. Not all of these quests will remain available. They will only be available to play for two weeks at a time. So if you want to play all the new quests you are going to have to keep up with them. Also, you will need to have a Guild Rank of 7 or higher to access these quests. I am just below GR 7, so I have some work to do today.

Both the permanent and limited time only quests will be available every thursday. You don’t need to go to the PS Store or download anything, just pop in your copy of WKC and access the world map. The new quests will appear and you can simply access them. These new quests will be announced via Sony’s twitter account. So if you want to keep up to date with when they go live and what they are you should follow them.

I think I will be taking a break from FFXIII and MAG today to sink some time into WKC. Hopefully I can get up to GR 7 before they start releasing these, or I can see myself falling behind. I’m glad to see Sony support WKC and hopefully this will draw more people to the game or to return to it.

No Love From Aksys Games For The PS3

January 27, 2010

Today Aksys Games announced a limited edition for their upcoming SRPG Record of Agarest War. This game is coming out on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, but Aksys Games isn’t treating each user base the same. As if it wasn’t bad enough that PS3 users will only be getting a download version of the game, with the new limited edition PS3 owners won’t be able to get their hands on all the goodies of the limited edition as well. In my opinion this is a really stupid move. PS3 users were already upset with the game being delayed so they could also bring it out on the Xbox 360, the fact that they can only get a 12GB download and not a disc, but now Aksys is giving the 360 users a ton of extras… It’s like Aksys doesn’t want the PS3 version to sell. Like I’ve said before, this game is a very niche game and I think more PS3 users would be likely to buy it than 360 users so this doesn’t make sense to me. Plus it makes PS3 users feel like second class citizens.

To be honest, I wouldn’t get the limited edition of this game even if it was available for the PS3. I would however prefer a disc version of the game, seeing as the download is huge and going to take forever. So I’m not really upset about the limited edition, although I am sure some people are, but I am more just disgusted at how Aksys is treating the PS3 user base. Hell, I bought Battle Fantasia because I really liked BlazBlue and was happy with the company. However, I feel like that was the wrong move now. Everything Aksys has done with the release of the PS3 version of Record of Agarest War has really turned me off to the company and the game. I am thinking of totally skipping this game now. Its not like I won’t have enough other RPG’s to play.

Could 2010 Be The Year Of The JRPG For The PS3?

January 18, 2010

I’m a very big fan of JRPG’s, so when the PS3 launched I didn’t run out and get it since there really were not any JRPGs on the immediate horizon. Since then there have been a few JRPG’s available on the PS3, and the exclusive ones have been extremely good games. Both Demon’s Souls and Valkyria Chronicles are fine examples of spectacular PS3 RPG’s that any PS3 gamer should already own, and are worth buying a PS3 for. So although we’ve suffered from a lack of quantity of RPG’s, especially JRPG’s, it has been more than made up for with the quality of the titles that are available on the PS3. However, it seems we are about to see a flood of JRPG’s hit the PS3 starting in 2010.

Here is a list of all the possible JRPG’s I could think of coming out on the PS3 in 2010.

White Knight Chronicles ~ February 2, 2010

This game seems way overdue for a US release. In Japan they are already re-releasing it with all the add-ons and they announced a sequel at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show. It just kept getting pushed back in the US, much to my dismay. They are adding a ton to the US edition, but if you ask me it should have come out this past summer during the typical low time in gaming so it had room to breathe. Now it will be jammed into what is a busy RPG gaming year, and also a front heavy Q1 with other potential blockbusters like Bioshock 2, God of War 3, and Final Fantasy XIII releasing around the same time. Despite my complaints of delays and a poor release window I am really looking forward to this game. It looks like Level-5 have crafted another fun and enjoyable JRPG.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope, International ~ February 9, 2010.

Finally the Star Ocean series comes back home on the newest PlayStation platform, the PS3. Sadly, this game looks almost too much like the series’ most recent console edition (Star Ocean 3). This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel about the last game. To me, it is too much like the last game for me to get too excited about it. It looks like a more shiny and polished Star Ocean 3… and not much more. However, I will end up playing it as I’m a JRPG whore.

Last Rebellion ~ February 23, 2010

Last Rebellion will feature two different main characters, a more artistic art direction, and tactical turn-based combat. You will be able to switch between the two characters during combat, each with their own abilities. The combat will be turn-based, but you can strategically target different parts of enemies to disable them. This way you can reduce the enemies ability to fight back and make it easier to take them down. Being a NIS game, having strategic combat, and a budget price tag all adds up to me being very interested and pretty much sold on the game.

Final Fantasy XIII ~ March 9, 2010

Here is another game that seems way overdue. It feels like we’ve heard about this game since before FFXII was released in the US. Like a lot of people, I’m more interested in FF Versus XIII than FFXIII due to its darker mood. However, FFXIII seems to be shaping up nicely. Most people that played the demo, which came with the Japanese release of Advent Children or at various game shows, have come away being impressed. I personally don’t like most of the character designs, besides Lightning, which is a big disappointment since FF games are very character and story driven. I’m expecting FFXIII to be a very good game, just not sure it will live up to my expectations for a main entry in the FF series.

3D Dot Games Heroes ~ May 11, 2010

Once again, Atlus has come to the rescue of fans of JRPG’s and unique or quirky games. 3D Dot will be a sleeper hit in 2010. It will be another niche game that endears itself to those that actually play the game. Featuring beautiful art direction, customization, and a great sound track it will surely be a very unique and exciting gaming experience. I personally can’t wait for this game, and it is one of my most anticipated games in 2010.

Resonance of Fate ~ May 31, 2010

Resonance of Fate is another new JRPG IP from Sega (who brought us the fabulous Valkyria Chronicles), although it is being made by tri-Ace. Originally I wasn’t too excited about this game, as it was another RPG with guns but after seeing some of the combat my interest as been peaked. It appears to be a mix of real time and tactical turn-based gun combat with a lot of flair to it. You will also be able to customize your characters clothing, hair, and most importantly their guns. All this customization means you’ll be able to tailor the characters’ looks and how they play to suit your style better, which is always a welcome thing in my opinion.

Final Fantasy XIV ~ TBA

FFXIV was one of the major surprises revealed during Sony’s 2009 E3 keynote. It took the audience by surprise. How could they be announcing FFXIV when FFXIII isn’t even out yet? Well, simple. It is a totally different team and style of game. FFXIV will be the next FF MMO. I have my doubts that we will see this in the US in 2010, but you never know. Square Enix could surprise us since the game is supposedly very far along in its development and they’ve had to remain quiet about it due to FFXIII’s development.

Atelier Rorona ~ TBA

Not too long ago NIS America finally came out and confirmed that they are indeed bringing Atelier Rorona to North America. I’m was happy to hear this, as the game might not be the best looking game out there but it does have a certain charm to it. It will focus heavily on alchemy. Which means a lot of item collection, management, and crafting. If you aren’t into those sorts of things you might feel over burdened by the game, but I think it should add a little bit of variation when compared to the other JRPG’s in 2010.

Record of Agarest War ~ TBA

Well, this game was suppose to be available in 2009 but since they decided to bring it to the Xbox 360 as well it has been delayed until spring 2010. Record of Agarest War is a niche game within in an already small niche. It plays like a SRPG with some dating-sim elements as you can breed new warriors by seducing some of the ladies in the game. This should be an interesting PSN title to say the least, but I doubt it will do too well now that it will be pushed up against the more notable JRPG’s in 2010.

Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment ~  TBA

I’m not too sure how excited I am about this game. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment is a prequel to the original to the original Vandal Hearts game way back on the PS one. It is a SRPG that will place you in the center of a grid-based board, where you have to defeat the surrounding enemies to clear the board. Instead of having to decide where you want to spend experience points they will be distributed for you depending on how you use your characters. So if you use a lot of fire magic for one character, they will naturally continue to get better at using it. This should be true for combat skills and weapons as well. I’m not really into the art direction, but if it comes out at a good price I’ll probably end up getting it.

Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll ~ TBA

For the first time ever KOEI will be bringing the Zill O’ll series outside of Japan with Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll. This entry into the action RPG series is suppose to  have a darker tone than the previous games and will feature a non-linear story. You will control three adventurers that have been brought together for some unknown reason. You can switch between these three party members during combat creating combos with them. Another interesting aspect of combat and exploration is that the environments are suppose to fully interactive. This means you can change the environment to access new areas and use the environment to your advantage in combat. Although this game seems interesting, it is being made by the same team that makes the Dynasty Warriors games. Hopefully the combat won’t become as button-mashy as those games.

And here are a few other JRPG’s that only have a Japanese release or aren’t officially announced yet for the US.

Trinity Universe ~ TBA

Trinity Universe is cross-over game between NIS, Idea Factory, and Gust. It will feature characters from titles made by these companies, such as Prinny and Etna from the Disgaea series. There will be two sides to the story of Trinity Universe. You can play as either Kanata or Rizerial, which will align with either demons or goddesses respectively. So it looks like you’ll see the story from two different view points. As you move through the story you will engage in 3D battle, which will be a first for a lot of the characters in the game. The game’s story will play out in slightly animated conversation scenes, which are 2D. It seems like this game will be another unique mash up of JRPG franchises, like Cross Edge, to create a fun new game. Plus we’ll finally see Prinny and Etna in 3D, which is probably a big thing for fans of those characters.

Tales of Vesperia ~ TBA

Tales of Vesperia is probably the game I am most jealous of that has come out on the Xbox 360. I’ve never really followed the Tales series, but I absolutely love the art direction in Vesperia. The character design is really nice, and whatever engine Namco Bandai is using in this game looks gorgeous. Featuring a ton of added content, the Japanese PS3 version easily outsold the lifetime sales of the former Xbox exclusive version in its opening day. This should make it an obvious decision to bring it outside of Japan as well, but there is still no word of that. However, there are some hints that is is being worked on. Hopefully it does become available outside of Japan as it looks like a great JRPG.

The Last Remnant ~ TBA

Maybe, just maybe this game still exists for the PS3. However, I highly doubt it. But for now, since I haven’t heard that Square Enix has officially announced that is has been canceled, I’ll go along and say that it will emerge from the lost land of vaporware to become a real game sometime in 2010. If this does happen, it better run smooth with none of the problems that severely hampered the Xbox 360 version. Also, SE should consider releasing it for a discounted price just to make it a more attractive purchase to busy JRPG gamers.

Ar Tonelico III ~ TBA

Ar Tonelico III will be the first Ar Tonelico game to feature 3D character models for combat, but it will still have 2D character portraits. Very little is known about Ar Tonelico III right now, but I expect it will follow a similar story to the ones featured in the previous game.  Most likely it will center around the relationships between Humans and Reyvateils, and the towers they live in. Even though it hasn’t been announced for NA yet the other games in the series were brought over by NISA so I’m pretty sure they will bring this one over as well.

With all of these JRPG’s coming in 2010, or rumored to be coming out around then, I almost feel like it is too much. I really wish a few of them had come out earlier or hope that they are at least spread out through the year. Otherwise people will be skipping games due to a sheer lack of time to complete all of them, especially if they are going after the trophies for all these games. I guess I shouldn’t complain, at least there will be options for PS3 JRPG fans in 2010.

New White Knight Chronicles Video Details Online Aspects

January 16, 2010

Sony released a new video for White Knight Chronicles today. You can check it out on the PS Blog and get some more info over at IGN. The video details the many online aspects of WKC’s. It teaches you about GeoNet, Georama, and online quests.

GeoNet is basically an in-game social site. You can post pics from the game, blog, have friends list, and check out other people’s  GeoNet as well. It is interesting, but not sure how much I’ll use it. I can see how it could be useful since there is such an online aspect to WKC. So creating a way for people to easily communicate in-game is a very smart idea.

Georama is a customizable space that each player gets. You can create your own town here. During your adventures through out the game you will come across different things that you can include in your town (houses, trees, farm fields, and so on). You’ll also be able to use in-game currency to purchase more items. This isn’t just a fun little addition, as it actually affects your game. You can create commerce for your town by collecting NPC’s which have specialties. They could be a merchant, a farmer, and so on.  Other players will then be able to visit your town and purchase items. Or you can use items your town produces for crafting, which is something you should be familiar with if you are a fan of Level-5 RPG’s. I’m really impressed with this addition to the game. I figured it would be an inactive element to the game, but since it isn’t I can see some people really getting into this aspect of the game.

On top of all these other online aspects, WKC has four player co-op quests. These open up shortly after the start of the game and add a ton of extra gameplay to WKC. The game will ship with 50 quests or so on disc and we will receive more than 50 more via DLC. This should really extend the re-playability of this game. The quests grant you access to new items that you can only obtain in this mode. You can take these back to single player, so once again Level-5 have created another aspect of the game that feeds back into the single player.

The fact that all these online modes support your offline single player adventure is a brilliant idea. It makes it all feel like part of the same game, and not just some tacked on online aspects. I was already really looking forward to this game, but all the videos and information Sony has been releasing is making that wait feel even longer.

It’s The 13th, So Time For More Final Fantasy XIII Info

January 14, 2010

Today Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII (see above). It gives us a glimpse into the main characters and the story of the game. For the most part the trailer is put together really well and even with my skepticism gets me excited about the game.

The English voice work seems pretty good so far. However, I don’t really like the song used in the trailer. It gets louder as the trailer goes on. So towards the end it starts to compete with the dialogue in the trailer, which is rather annoying. I don’t know why SE is so excited about having this song, but they really seem to think it works well with the game. Well, with the international edition at least. I guess they think it will be more appealing to a western audience.

You also get to see some combat, monsters, non-playable characters, and some of the Eidolons (think summons) of the playable characters. The combat looks like it will be a lot of fun. Some of the Eidolons and their gestalt modes seem really cool. So even if the rest of the game falls short of my expectations maybe the combat will be enough to keep me interested.

Also, in true SE and FF tradition. The cutscenes in FFXIII look absolutely gorgeous. Some look to be action packed, while others will be used to develop the characters, their relationships, and tell the story.

This trailer isn’t the only FFXIII news that came out today. Some interesting details of an interview with Isamu Kamikokuryou, art directer of Final Fantasy XIII, have been leaked. In the interview Kamikokuryou states that a very large amount of content was cut from FFXIII, enough to make up a whole other game! Why was all of the content cut? Due to volume issues. Well, the PS3 doesn’t have volume issues. Each one has a built in harddrive and there isn’t a space issue with blu-ray either. However, the Xbox 360 does have space issues. Every 360 doesn’t have a harddrive. Also, the 360 uses DVD’s and not blu-rays. The DVD’s the 360 use hold 9GB of data, which is a lot less than a 50GB dual-layer blu-ray. If you also consider that FFXIII is lacking a lot of the traditional FF earmarks and is completely linear until towards the end of the game (probably where a disc swap will be on the 360), you have to question why this is? It is normal for stuff to get cut from a game during development, but enough to make a whole other game seems excessive. I hate to sound like a fanboy, but the more I hear about FFXIII’s development the more I think the game has been cut back to make sure it could fit and work on the 360. I really hope that isn’t the case, but I guess we won’t know until we see more of FF Versus XIII. If FF Versus XIII remains exclusive and it has all of the missing features of FFXIII and is generally of a higher quality than FFXIII then I think we know what happened with FFXIII. Anyway, watch the trailer, try to forget the missing content, and start getting excited for FFXIII since it is only about two months away from release.