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Vanquish Demo Impressions

September 3, 2010

Earlier this week a demo for Platinum Games’ newest game, Vanquish was released on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. It is only a small sample of what I hope will be a suitably lengthy game seeing as there is no multiplayer., but it is more than enough to tell whether or not you will be interested in Vanquish.

When you start the demo you can either select a playable section of the full game or a tutorial section. I’d suggest going through the tutorial first, but if you’ve played other third-person shooters (TPS) you should feel somewhat comfortable with the controls. However, Vanquish isn’t your normal TPS.

Once you start playing the game part of the demo you will immediately realize that Vanquish is much faster and frantic than your typical TPS. It thrusts you into a rather hectic fire fight. Because of this it may take you some time to adjust to the way it plays. You will want to make use of cover, and more importantly the abilities your suit grants you. It allows you to propel yourself at high speeds, sliding on your knees the whole time, around the environment. This is incredibly useful to move from cover to cover, boost up to enemies for melee attacks, to jet over to a fallen comrade and revive them (resulting in some sort of ammo drop as a reward for your help), or even used to escape if you find yourself low on health. This simple ability makes you much more mobile and really does change the feel of the game when compared to contemporary TPS’s. However, this isn’t the only ability the suit grants you as you can also enter a slow-mo mode. This allows you to aim much better amidst the mayhem going on during the demo. You can combo them into each other and also use slow-mo as you vault over cover. Doing this really makes you feel like a badass, for lack of a better word. Both of these abilities are limited by one meter, so using either drains it. It does regenerate quickly, but if you use all of it you’ll have to let it cool down before you can tap into it again. Who knows if the suit will grant you other powers as well, but even if it’s just these two I think I’d be content with that.

From the demo it is hard to say how the story will go and the characters will develop. You may be turned off by some of the voice work, as it seems very inline with voice work done for dubbed anime. I admit I wasn’t sure about it the first time I played through it, but after playing through the demo several times I don’t mind it. In fact it may even suit the game as it has a very over the top anime vibe to it.

Overall I was very pleased with the demo. I was hoping Vanquish would play and feel different than other TPS’s and that is exactly what it is doing, and doing it very well. So I’d recommend playing the demo yourself if you think you are up for trying an over the top fast paced anime inspired TPS.


Vanquish Gets A Release Date

July 9, 2010

Platinum Games’ upcoming over the top third-person shooter Vanquish has been given an official release date for both Japan and North America. It is set to release on October 19th in North America and October 21st in Japan.

Sega also announced that Vanquish will receive DLC at launch and in the future. The launch DLC will be free and come with the game. It will be a weapon pack that will include a Boost Machine Gun, Anti Armor Pistol, and a Laser Cannon. If you don’t get these at launch you will be able to download them later on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace for a price. Sega didn’t go into detail about the other DLC, but they did say it will not be free.

Vanquish is one of my most anticipated games for 2010. So it is nice to finally get a solid release date. It looks like a nice take on the third-person cover based shooter genre. Hopefully it will live up to my expectations.

First Vanquish Gameplay Trailer Released

June 5, 2010

Last night Game Trailers TV aired the first gameplay footage from Platinum Games’ newest game, Vanquish (seen above). Previously we have only seen a teaser trailer. There have also been some previews, but none of them truly captured the feel of the game like this new trailer does.

The trailer shows off the fast pace of Vanquish. It is a cover based third-person shooter (TPS) at heart, but as you see in the trailer it doesn’t appear to play similar to other TPS’s that are currently on the market. This is due to the suit and gun the main character is equipped with. Both of which lend the user abilities, and seem to be able to change on the fly. So instead of having to carry several weapons, it looks like you’ll be carrying one that has the capabilities of several guns. It also looks like your suit will grant you great speed and strength. All of these things are what may set Vanquish apart from other TPS’s.

I wasn’t too excited about this game when it was first announced, but this new trailer has really peaked my interest. Once again, I find myself hoping we get a lot more information about another game at E3 in just two weeks.