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Resistance 3 Announced

August 17, 2010

Well, it has finally happened. Insomniac and Sony have officially announced Resistance 3 with a very well done live action trailer (seen above). Normally, I don’t like live action trailers for games as I want to see actual in-game footage of the game. However, this one has got me very excited about the possibilities of what could be going on in Resistance 3.

The trailer is rather simple. It shows a group of normal citizens traveling on a train across the country towards New York City, which will be the setting for the new game. During this train ride you will see the destruction and desolation that the war with the Chimera has brought to America. You will also notice glimpses of Chimera through out the trailer, and of course at the very end. Where the citizens come out of the train into the dark and start to skirmish with some Chimera.

Overall the trailer has a great feeling and atmosphere, one I hope will be carried over to the actual game. Of course it’s not known who you’ll play as in the new game, but it could be very interesting if you played as citizens this time around. For some reason, the trailer makes me think there will be some kind of campaign co-op. Resistance 2 had co-op, so I’m sure there will be some in Resistance 3 but I’m not too sure they will make it similar to what was featured in the second game. It might be more in-line with a more common co-op style, like playing through the campaign with one or more other players. Whatever Insomniac has in store for us, consider me very intrigued and excited. Thankfully we won’t have to wait too long to see actual gameplay, as it should be playable at PAX which is next month.