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New Medal of Honor Multiplayer Trailer

September 9, 2010

Earlier today EA posted a new Medal of Honor multiplayer trailer on the PlayStation Blog (seen above) for a mode called Combat Mission. I’m not going to analyze the details of the trailer, as I mainly just wanted to post the trailer and my response to it since it has me rather excited about the online portion of Medal of Honor. This is because the mode shown in the trailer is objective based and requires teamwork. Variations on deathmatch are fun and all, but having actual objectives besides “kill x amount of dudes” makes for a much more engaging game in my opinion. Thankfully I won’t have to wait too long before I can play this mode, and other portions of Medal of Honor, as it comes out on October 12, 2010.


The Last Story Trailer

July 10, 2010

Mistwalker has released the first trailer for their upcoming Wii exclusive action RPG The Last Story. It was announced early this year, with only a logo and then eventually some screens emerged in an issue of Famitsu. Besides that, not much else is really know about the title which is why this trailer (seen above) is very interesting.

If you know Japanese you may be able to glean some info about the story of the game from the new trailer. Sadly, I don’t. So sadly I can’t get any story or character info from the trailer. I can however take note of what seems to be an interesting gameplay system.

It appears that The Last Story will have an nice mix of combat styles. In the trailer you will notice what seems to be very familiar third-person action combat found in many action games and some action RPG’s. However, you will also notice that the game features some sort of cover mechanic and the ability to interact with objects in the world. You’ll notice the characters taking cover while projectiles are fired at them, and then even returning fire as one character leans out and takes a shot at an enemy with a crossbow. I wasn’t expecting this, and could make the game feel very different from other JRPG’s. You will also notice what seems to be a targeting system and what looks like some sort of special attacks, which for some reason reminded me of the combat found in White Knight Chronicles.

Overall it looks like The Last Story may be much more interesting than I originally expected. If all these different combat styles come together it could make for a very fun and interesting system. It is slated for an 2010 release in Japan and we should be getting word on a North America release date in the not so distant future.

Ninokuni: The Another World Coming To The PS3!

June 23, 2010

Images of the new issue of Famitsu (seen here) show some very exciting news. It looks like Level 5 will be bringing their previously Nintendo DS exclusive action role-playing game Ninokuni: The Another World to the PS3, with enhanced visuals of course. This is so exciting because this game is being made in conjunction with Studio Ghibli. When it was originally announced Level 5 hinted that they were going to bring it to another platform, which I figured would either turn out to be a mobile version for Japan or a PSP version of the game. I am very surprised, and very happy to hear that it is coming to the PS3. From the only trailer of the game I know of (seen above), it looks like this game might need Sony’s Move controller as it looks like you will be drawing symbols to cast magic. Hopefully we will get better scans of the magazine and more info about the game sometime soon.

Lost Planet 2 “Kill Big” Trailer

March 15, 2010

Last week Capcom released a new trailer (seen above) entitled “Kill Big” for Lost Planet 2. In the trailer you will see a lot of gameplay, a quick look at the available character customization, and the diverse enemies and environments you’ll encounter in the game.

From what I’ve read, and seen in the trailers Capcom has released, the game will feature several different factions or groups. Each has their own look, with varying types of gear and mechs. It also seems that the game will be broken into large chapters or episodes. In each of these you will complete several missions and a mini-story as the different factions. All of which should lead to a larger cohesive ending.

During these episodes you can play alone with 3 AI controlled characters or go online and play through the story with 3 friends. This is probably one of the main draws of Lost Planet 2. Besides the co-op story there is competitive multiplayer. Hopefully the story is long enough to make it and the co-op the main focus, as we have enough multiplayer shooters as it is.

It looks like there will be a nice variety in the environments you will battle your way through over the course of the game. There are snow covered areas, jungles, deserts, deserted towns, and even large city like areas. I doubt you’ll end up getting bored, seeing as you’ll be moving to all these different areas and playing as new factions.

It also appears that these environments will be stocked with a variety monsters. Some are of a more manageable size, but as the trailer shows there will also be some very big monsters to confront. These larger monsters will require some teamwork and strategy to take down. But Capcom has said that you should be able to take the monsters down with different weapons, so you won’t have to worry about being equipped perfectly for each encounter.

You will also notice the large amount of customization available in the game in this trailer. It looks like there will be an almost endless amount of character customization. From different types of gear, weapons, and even body types. This has me really interested in the game. In fact, this along with the 4 player co-op and large monsters is giving me a very big futuristic Monster Hunter vibe. Which is kind of funny, as Capcom switched the development of Monster Hunter 3 from the PS3 to the Wii because they didn’t think it would make enough cash in the West on the PS3. But I guess since Lost Planet is a more gun oriented game they figured it would do well enough in the west to make it on HD consoles. Maybe if Lost Planet 2 does well enough we’ll see another version of the game that moves even closer to the Monster Hunter formula, or even an actual Monster Hunter game come to HD consoles.

However, I do have one big problem with Lost Planet 2 and Capcom. Not too long ago Capcom came out said they were having trouble fitting everything they originally wanted into the game. This was due to the limited DVD space that is available to the Xbox 360 version of the game. I was originally pretty upset about this. I mean why should the game have to be shortened, or decreased just to fit onto one outdated disc. Just add another disc to the 360 version. Instead I am sure all this cut content will show up as DLC, and for the PS3 version it could even end up already on the disc with just an unlock key being needed (for a price). This news has almost made me give up on this game, despite it being quit appealing. I’m still unsure if I’ll pick it up, but this new trailer has gone a long way to bringing my interest and desire to play it back to the forefront. Lost Planet 2 will be available in North America on May 18, 2010.

Red Dead Redemption, The Law Trailer

February 15, 2010

Not too sure when this trailer was released, but I figured I’d post it since I can’t get enough of this game. The video, entitled The Law, is about the different characters that make up the law enforcement in Red Dead Redemption. I think it does a good job of giving a glimpse into who these characters are and once again really impresses me with its graphics and art direction. I was upset they kept delaying this game, but if it turns out close to as good as I’m thinking it will be then it’s worth the wait.

New Red Dead Redemption Gameplay Trailer Looks Great

December 18, 2009

Rockstar has released a new trailer for Red Dead Redemption that explains how the world of Red Dead Redemption functions. It tells you about some of the areas, people, events, weapons, animals, missions, and the morality or honor system that will be featured in the game. While doing this, it will showcase just how good this game looks. Every time they show something new for Red Dead Redemption my excitement grows for this game. My original concerns about the weapons of the time in which Red Dead Redemption takes place are pretty much being put to bed. In this video you see some gun fights, the use of a lasso, cannons and mounted machine guns being used, and you’ll even see John Marston (the main character) wielding a very large knife. All of the footage of combat seem very fluid and not hampered by the older weapons. Check out the trailer and hopefully you’ll see why I’m so excited about this game.

New Blade & Soul Video… How I Wish You Were Coming To The PS3

December 1, 2009

A new video for NCsoft’s newest MMORPG Blade & Soul has been released, and boy does this game look really good. The video has a good amount of info in it, which is good considering it is over ten minutes long. It shows several races and classes/professions that are available in the game. While showing off all the new classes/professions you will also see many different and beautiful environments in the game and get a feel for the action based combat in the game. Blade & Soul is being described as an Asian martial arts styled MMORPG. Since it isn’t based in reality, magic, crazy anime-ish combat flourishes, fantastical creatures, and other powers will also make up the world of Blade & Soul. Another important aspect of the game are the graphics which really do justice to the superb art direction of the game. The Korean artist Hyung-Tae Kim is responsible for the lovely aesthetic of this game and the great character designs. His character designs may be a tad too much for some people, but I really like the look of most of the stuff seen in the new video. It really makes the game feel different than other games. Even though Hyung-Tae Kim is also the man behind the character designs of the Magna Carta games, the ones featured in Blade & Soul feel much more like his actual artwork than those found in either Magna Carta game. Anyway, I was really hoping this game would turn out to be one of the rumored NCsoft games for Sony but there has been no word about it coming to anything other than the PC. If that is the case then I doubt I’ll ever play this game since I don’t have a gaming PC and don’t plan on getting one.

Red Dead Redemption New Trailer & Release Date

November 27, 2009

Next week Rockstar will release a new trailer for their upcoming open world western Red Dead Redemption. However, it has been leaked (can be seen here) which means we can see it early. Besides giving us a great look into the main character of the game, John Marston, it also gives us a release date. Red Dead Redemption will be making its way to your console of choice on April 27, 2010. I still have my reservations about this game, but I’d be a liar if I said that this new trailer doesn’t get me even more excited about the game. Even with my favorite genre, JRPG’s, seeing a flood of new games in 2010 Red Dead Redemption has managed to capture my interest and is one of the games I am most looking forward to next year.

Source: Actual Gamer

Last Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Before Upcoming Japanese Release

November 25, 2009

The last Final Fantasy XIII trailer went live late last night. This is the last trailer for the Japanese release, which releases on December 17, 2009. It contains some new information, characters, and summons. I don’t know why, but this trailer didn’t really get me all that excited for the game (although, I’m already not that excited). So far I’m not really feeling the characters, except for Lightning whom I do think seems like an interesting character. That might be another reason why I’m not looking forward to this iteration of FF as much as I have in the past. Perhaps if I knew what the heck was going on in the new trailer I’d be more excited about it, but since I don’t understand Japanese I’ll have to wait for a translation. Anyway, if you want some more info head over to

Demon’s Souls Gets A Dynamic Theme

November 12, 2009

I haven’t delved into the wonders of Sony’s new dynamic themes yet, but that could change if we ever get the new Demon’s Souls dynamic theme here in the US. It is a very simple theme, but really gives you the feel of isolation that fills the world of Demon’s Souls. It pretty much only shows the Maiden in Black killing time in the Nexus. I just think it is cool that Demon’s Souls is getting enough respect to warrant a dynamic theme. Hopefully we’ll get word about this coming state sometime soon.