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New Medal of Honor Multiplayer Trailer

September 9, 2010

Earlier today EA posted a new Medal of Honor multiplayer trailer on the PlayStation Blog (seen above) for a mode called Combat Mission. I’m not going to analyze the details of the trailer, as I mainly just wanted to post the trailer and my response to it since it has me rather excited about the online portion of Medal of Honor. This is because the mode shown in the trailer is objective based and requires teamwork. Variations on deathmatch are fun and all, but having actual objectives besides “kill x amount of dudes” makes for a much more engaging game in my opinion. Thankfully I won’t have to wait too long before I can play this mode, and other portions of Medal of Honor, as it comes out on October 12, 2010.


Dead Space 2 First Multiplayer Info

September 5, 2010

Sometime this month we are suppose to get an official announcement of Dead Space 2’s multiplayer, but it seems as with most things in this industry it may have already been partially leaked.

At the annual GameStop conference EA gave up the first details of the multiplayer. One of the multiplayer modes featured in Dead Space 2 will be soldiers versus necromorphs. I’m not too sure how this mode will work out, seeing as the standard necromorphs don’t stand up too well against Issac in single player. However if they are able to balance it correctly and allow for the necromorphs to move more stealthily about the level via ducts or other pathways only accessible for them it could get rather interesting.

Along with this tidbit of multiplayer info, some pre-order news came out of the conference as well. If you pre-order at GameStop you will get a free Rivet Gun. I’m not sure if this is for the multiplayer, but it is probably more likely for the single player portion of the game. Also, no matter where you pre-order Dead Space 2 it seems you will be get the downloadable prequel Dead Space: Ignition for free! This is very good news, as I was worried they were going to over charge for it.

Hopefully EA will make their official announcement soon and we will get some footage of the multiplayer aspects of Dead Space 2. I didn’t think they needed to add multiplayer, but I will wait and see how it turns out before passing judgment as I was wrong about Uncharted getting multiplayer.

Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

Vanquish Demo Impressions

September 3, 2010

Earlier this week a demo for Platinum Games’ newest game, Vanquish was released on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. It is only a small sample of what I hope will be a suitably lengthy game seeing as there is no multiplayer., but it is more than enough to tell whether or not you will be interested in Vanquish.

When you start the demo you can either select a playable section of the full game or a tutorial section. I’d suggest going through the tutorial first, but if you’ve played other third-person shooters (TPS) you should feel somewhat comfortable with the controls. However, Vanquish isn’t your normal TPS.

Once you start playing the game part of the demo you will immediately realize that Vanquish is much faster and frantic than your typical TPS. It thrusts you into a rather hectic fire fight. Because of this it may take you some time to adjust to the way it plays. You will want to make use of cover, and more importantly the abilities your suit grants you. It allows you to propel yourself at high speeds, sliding on your knees the whole time, around the environment. This is incredibly useful to move from cover to cover, boost up to enemies for melee attacks, to jet over to a fallen comrade and revive them (resulting in some sort of ammo drop as a reward for your help), or even used to escape if you find yourself low on health. This simple ability makes you much more mobile and really does change the feel of the game when compared to contemporary TPS’s. However, this isn’t the only ability the suit grants you as you can also enter a slow-mo mode. This allows you to aim much better amidst the mayhem going on during the demo. You can combo them into each other and also use slow-mo as you vault over cover. Doing this really makes you feel like a badass, for lack of a better word. Both of these abilities are limited by one meter, so using either drains it. It does regenerate quickly, but if you use all of it you’ll have to let it cool down before you can tap into it again. Who knows if the suit will grant you other powers as well, but even if it’s just these two I think I’d be content with that.

From the demo it is hard to say how the story will go and the characters will develop. You may be turned off by some of the voice work, as it seems very inline with voice work done for dubbed anime. I admit I wasn’t sure about it the first time I played through it, but after playing through the demo several times I don’t mind it. In fact it may even suit the game as it has a very over the top anime vibe to it.

Overall I was very pleased with the demo. I was hoping Vanquish would play and feel different than other TPS’s and that is exactly what it is doing, and doing it very well. So I’d recommend playing the demo yourself if you think you are up for trying an over the top fast paced anime inspired TPS.

Catherine Trailer & More (Via

August 21, 2010

I just wanted to make a quick post to show off the trailer for Atlus’ new, and first HD game, Catherine. I’m not going to go into any depth about the game, as my friend Roy of has already done so and to a great extent. So if you are at all interested in this game at all I highly suggest you check out Roy’s posts about it. He has covered the info from the trailer, scans from Famitsu (you can also see the images on his site), and some good old fashioned speculation about the game. So if you are interested in this game make sure to head over to his site and get schooled. As for me, I’ll just say that I’m really interested in this game, and love its look and atmosphere. Hopefully we’ll get to see some gameplay at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in September.

Dead Space 2 Prequel Announced

July 18, 2010

EA has announced a downloadable prequel to Dead Space 2, called Dead Space Ignition. This extension of Dead Space 2 will be a mix of motion comic and game. Which sounds like an interesting tie-in for a franchise I am a huge fan of.

In the lead up to the original Dead Space EA released a serious of very well done motion comics on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. An example of these (episode zero) is at the top of this post. I really enjoyed these comics, as they added to the story and mythos of the Dead Space fiction. Which is actually very interesting, especially for a game. It isn’t just about shooting necromorphs, although that is still a lot of fun. The same author will be returning to work on Ignition.

It sounds like it will mostly be a choose your own adventure style game, but will have some hacking mini-games mixed in. I doubt we’ll be playing as Isaac, or following him in Ignition. Most likely we will be following a person or people that live on the Sprawl, the giant space station that is the setting for Dead Space 2. Hopefully it will give us information about how the necromorphs got there, and give us even more insight into the twisted religion know as Unitology which is a very important part of the world of Dead Space.

EA hasn’t given us a price, but I’m hoping it is very reasonable considering it is mostly a promotional game and to be honest I’m not too sure how much actual game will be in it. Also, the comics for the first game were free. Ignition will actually give you in-game items and even an exclusive suit. Dead Space Ignition will release sometime in the fall of 2010, which should leave you enough time to see all four endings and get ready for Dead Space 2 which releases on January 25, 2011.

Dead Space 2 E3 Footage & PS3 Exclusive Content

July 10, 2010

At E3 this year, EA didn’t disappoint me and many other gamers as well with their footage of Dead Space 2. They showed off two impressive demos, one of which is was shown off during Sony’s E3 press event since there was a special Sony exclusive announcement. I’ll get to that later on, but lets first talk about the trailers (seen above).

First off you’ll notice that Dead Space 2 is looking great and still has an amazing atmosphere like the first game. Necromorphs are still looking exceptionally nasty and being creepy as ever. Jumping out of grates, busting through walls, and coming out of the shadows in an all out effort to kill you.

The trailers show off several new necromorphs, some of which we’ve seen in screens before. We finally got to see the small child-like necromorphs that will swarm you since they travel in packs. It looks like you’ll have to use your stasis ability for crowd control against these guys or you’ll b quickly overwhelmed. In the trailers we also got to see some returning necromorphs and two new rather large ones as well. The first large one attacks Isaac, the main character of Dead Space 2, in a church of Unitology and starts to drag him away. Like in the first game, you’ll have to shoot some weak spots to make it drop you and retreat. If you’ve played the first game, you’ll know how stressful this can be. As you can’t easily shoot and aim while you are being dragged or held upside down. It really makes you feel the desperation of the situation.

The second even larger necromorph is in the second trailer. It is much more aggressive and brutish than the one in the church. It is going all out to kill you. It destroys the area you are in and forces Isaac to run for his life. In doing so you enter a chase scene, where you have to use your stasis ability to open doors in front of you.

This chase leads you to a more open room with a view of the sprawl, which is immediately obstructed by some type of ship that is firing on you from outside. The rain of bullets break the windows, which in turn breaks the seal of the room you are in. This causes everything to be sucked out the window. Isaac struggles to not get sucked out, but the large necromorph that was chasing you comes into the room and is pulled out into space, bringing Isaac with it. The demo shortly ends after this, with Isaac fighting the large necromorph in Zero G. It was very action packed and frantic.

All of this just looks amazing. It looks like Visceral Games is keeping all the good stuff that made the original Dead Space so great while adding enough to make it a worthy sequel. You won’t be only in hallways, as you are not stuck to a space ship this time. Instead you are on a colony, known as the Sprawl. Besides the much larger world, there will be some new guns in Dead Space 2. The one shown in the first trailer is a javelin gun, which pins enemies against objects and walls… Always fun.

Visceral also mentioned that there will be a much stronger emphasis on the Unitologists actions, plan, and religion in this game. Which brings up something else very interesting in these trailers. That ship that is firing on you must be operated by humans. So this means there will be human enemies as well as necromorphs in Dead Space 2. I’m guessing these will be tied to the church of Unitology, seeing how they believe the necromorphs are a good thing and Isaac is trying to exterminate them.

Oh, and don’t forget about that Sony exclusive announcement. After the demo at Sony’s conference EA announced that Dead Space Extraction will be coming out with Dead Space 2 for the PS3 in a limited edition of the game. It will be on the single blu-ray disc, and free. Meaning the limited edition will be your standard $60, but you’ll be getting two games for that price. It will be an HD port, with trophy support, of the previously Wii exclusive game. I know this might not be the biggest announcement ever, but it was a big deal to me. I’ve always wanted to play Extraction, but never got around to it. I didn’t have  a Wii when it came out, and then decided to hold out once rumors of it making its way to the PS3 starting to surface. So I’m glad I waited it out, as I will get it in HD, with trophies, and for free! It will be a PS3 exclusive for now, but I’m sure it will turn up on both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace for a price.

Dead Space 2 was one of my favorite games at E3. I loved the first one, and I think it is a great universe. One that I have been looking forward to jumping back into it. Dead Space 2 will release on January 25, 201, so I’ll have to wait a bit. I think I am willing to do so, so they can polish what could be a game of the year contender for 2011.

Vanquish Gets A Release Date

July 9, 2010

Platinum Games’ upcoming over the top third-person shooter Vanquish has been given an official release date for both Japan and North America. It is set to release on October 19th in North America and October 21st in Japan.

Sega also announced that Vanquish will receive DLC at launch and in the future. The launch DLC will be free and come with the game. It will be a weapon pack that will include a Boost Machine Gun, Anti Armor Pistol, and a Laser Cannon. If you don’t get these at launch you will be able to download them later on the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace for a price. Sega didn’t go into detail about the other DLC, but they did say it will not be free.

Vanquish is one of my most anticipated games for 2010. So it is nice to finally get a solid release date. It looks like a nice take on the third-person cover based shooter genre. Hopefully it will live up to my expectations.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood E3 2010 Trailers

July 6, 2010

Ubisoft finally spilled the beans about Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood at this years E3. Letting us know what exactly makes up this new edition of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. They showed footage of both the single player and multiplayer aspects of the game.

Lets get the single player out of the way first (above). In the demo, you will see Ezio defending his villa using cannons that are located on the surrounding fortified walls. Ubisoft use this as an example of their promise of many different gameplay experiences that will make up Brotherhood. They also said they slightly changed the combat and added more horse combat. All of this sounds fine, but not sure it is enough to make it worth a purchase seeing as Assassin’s Creed 2 isn’t that old.

The multiplayer on the other hand (above), is what will probably bring people to this game more than the single player. Ubisoft demoed off one type of multiplayer mode, which was basically a predator and prey gameplay style. You are given a target and you must assassinate them to gain points. However, there is also someone stalking you this whole time as well. It sounds like you will want to blend in to the crowds as much as possible, as to not stand out. It also sounds like you will be able to have different load outs for the multiplayer, which could add a nice level of strategy to it. It looked fairly fun, but I think I’ll need to actually get my hands on it to see if it is really worth it or not.

Even with all this footage and some of the info that came out of E3, I’m still not sure what to make of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. I really enjoyed Assassin’s Creed 2, so I should be pretty excited about this game but as it stands now I’m only mildly interested. Most of that interest comes from seeing what they do with the multiplayer and how it feels once I get a chance to play it. There will be a beta for the PS3, so hopefully I can get in on that to make up my mind. I’m also waiting to hear more about the single player aspect of the game. I’m hoping it doesn’t end up feeling like something that was cut from the first game to add on to the multiplayer in order make it feel like a full retail game.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising E3 2010 Trailer & Info

June 26, 2010

Metal Gear Solid: Rising was one of my most anticipated games of E3. Thankfully it did show up, but sadly only in the form of a trailer (seen above). The trailer is relatively short, but gives us enough information to get a good idea of what the game will be like.

The trailer reveals what seems to be the modus operandi of MGS Rising, “zan-datsu” or “cut and take’. In the trailer you will see Raiden recking a bunch of PMC soldiers and other in-game objects with his sword and cyborg ninja skills. Thankfully it appears to be more than just a mere hack and slash, as you can implement a slow motion technique similar to bullet time in other games to make some very precise cuts. Being able to target parts of enemies and then actually slice them apart as you wish could be a lot of fun. Besides cutting apart people it also seems like you will be able to cut apart in-game objects, such as cars, parts of buildings, watermelons, and who knows what else.

The most interesting part of this is the fact that we might be able to actually interact and change our surrounding environment in the game. In the trailer Raiden cuts down some pillars to cause the roof they support to collapse on some enemies. Hopefully this won’t be limited to only certain objects. If we are able do this as we please it could really allow for some creative ways to tackle situations.

I’m happy with this trailer, as we are finally seeing something about Rising. However, there are some things I would have liked to see in the trailer that are missing. I wish there were more hints to the story, locations, enemies, and other types of gameplay. Will we be using guns or some form of projectile weapon as well as Raiden’s sword? Or more importantly, what about stealth? I know this was the first trailer, so maybe I shouldn’t expect so much but I really just want to get a better idea of what this game is going to be like to play. Thankfully more info has come out since the trailer reveal at E3.

Most of this new info came out about Rising via some interviews done with the game’s producer Shigenobu Matsuyama and director Mineshi Kimura. They revealed that Raiden will be able to extract energy from enemy mechs and cyborgs. He will also be able to scavenge ammunition, health, and parts from fallen enemies. Which makes me wonder if there will some level of customization for Raiden’s weapons or cybernetics. They also touched on stealth gameplay, which will be returning but in much different form than what you are use to if you’ve played other MGS games. As Raiden, you will be much more speedy and agile. Raiden is more of a hunter than Snake was. Which to means you won’t feel as prone as Snake and will be confrontational than Snake was.

The most shocking thing to come out of interviews was that there will be some sort of online component in Rising. They didn’t say what it will be, as they aren’t even sure yet themselves. However, they did say they won’t make the game without online. To be honest this sounds rather forced. One may even say that they are doing this in a hope to cater to the growing crowd of online only players and more specifically the Xbox 360 users, which seem to require multiplayer in-order for a game to do well on that system. Anyway, I just don’t see how the games cutting mechanics would be fun against real people. In general I don’t like it when game developers feel the need to add on multiplayer, as it doesn’t always work well for all types of games. Who knows, maybe they’ll think of an interesting way to implement it and it will turn out to be a nice addition to the game.

Hopefully we will get to see a more in depth trailer, or a gameplay demo at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show which starts on september 16, 2010.

El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron E3 Trailer

June 17, 2010

Here is another game coming out of E3 with a unique art direction that has caught my eye. Much like the other two games, Lost in Shadow and Journey, I didn’t know about this game until I saw the new trailer (above). Not only does it sport quit intriguing visuals, but it is also very interesting to learn that it is based of the Book of Enoch from the Old Testament.

In El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron you will as play Enoch. Enoch is a human that is caught in between the battle between Heaven and the Fallen Angles. He is tasked with confronting and stopping the Fallen Angels before a great flood will wash away mankind. Besides that, not much else is know about the story of the game.

Probably the most immediate and appealing thing to me, is the drastically different art direction. It seems to be a great mix up of hand drawn like elements, crazy backgrounds, and an overall simplicity and elegance. I’m not too into the design of Enoch, but the world and enemies look great. It looks so different and yet still very good. Hopefully, the final game will live up to this trailer’s visuals or even expand on it.

El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron will be available in 2011 for both the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360.